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You don't have to be a Victoria Secret model to wear the wings.....

Updated: Feb 29

Who else used to watch the Victoria Secret model show, and wish. to wear those wings?

I hope I am not standing alone with my hand raised here...haha!

Seriously though, I did. I wished to be one of these beautiful women, walking down the runway wearing these GORGEOUS wings. Having all the people stare at me, as I showed off my gorgeous self and the gorgeous lingerie. What is funny, is now that I look honestly wasn't just the wings or the lingerie, the runway or the people. It was the models themselves.... and the unrelenting confidence they seemed to ooze as they stepped one foot in front of the other as they walked with that "I'm a model runway walk"...the walk of confidence.

Some of you may know....I did model for a few years, as a teenager, but I never graced Victoria's runway... or wore the wings. I used to wonder if they were truly as confident as they appeared, or if it was the gorgeous lingerie and the amazing wings that gave them the confidence they exuded. After modeling myself, I realized, there is more that goes on behind the scenes than i could have ever imagined. But it gave me unique perspective of where I truly desired to be. On the other side of the camera, helping other women see their worth, their beauty, and gain the confidence they deserve.

Being a boudoir photographer and creating Wildfire Studios, it is a piece of my soul that is truly about exactly that... and guess what... you can come and wear the wings, and feel like the Victoria Secret model. Or maybe that's not your vibe, but the badass vixen angel is. Guess what? We have multiple ways to wear these gorgeous accessories and several colors and styles to choose from! There are gunmetal gray, soft pink and rust colored ostrich feather wings. We also have a pair of steampunk wings!!! See some of our favorite images below!

Ready to book your very own wing sesh?? Click below to book your FREE phone consultation and get your boudoir session on our calendar!

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