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boudoir experience


What is your studio boudoir experience look like? AAAMMMMAAAZING!  

Seriously though...let me tell you about the day we are going to have together!  

Our day together is going to start between 7am  and 10am. We will start by getting you comfortable and excited! You will get a quick studio tour and check out the sets we will be using for that day, including any bonus sets you may have chosen for your pre-payment bonuses!!

Next is wardrobe! We will check out any items you may have brought with you! Then we check out the client  closet, finding the perfect pieces for your session! We will typically choose anywhere between 2-4 pieces for your session!

You can also do partial/implied nudity or go fully bare if you dare!

Next stop is hair and make-up, we will head over to meet with your artist for the day and decide on a plan to complete your look! Whether you like a more natural look,or a dark, sexy smoky eye...or maybe you are ready for FULL GLAM! These girls know exactly how to emphasize your best features and make you feel like the GORGEOUS  human you are!

(yes, we can do a little touch up for our gentlemen too, if you would like!)

Once your look is complete, we head back to the dressing room and get you ready to head into the studio, where the magic happens!!



I love this part because now it's you and me!! 

We are gonna jump right in! I will show you how to do all of the crazy poses ( I like to demonstrate these for visual effect...also to help it seem a little less intimidating, as we laugh about how dorky I am) 

From your head to your fingers and your pointy toes, I will walk you through each and every step. I will even help you with your facial expressions, and helping you remember to breathe! 

Those first few poses can sometimes feel a little overwhelming as we get started, but I promise we will go slow! 

After the first couple poses, I REALLY love to show people a couple of images on the back of my camera......I love it because the way every person's eyes light up! The reactions vary from excited screams, people jumping up and down, clapping their hands, or strutting around the room just a little taller than before!

Overall, I like to call it "the moment"...because from here every person seems to really own the rest of their session and become the amazing badass they truly are!

We will finish out your session, with wardrobe changes and utilizing various sets and spaces in the studio.

Once your session is complete, we will make sure we have your image reveal appointment on our calendar! Image reveals typically take happen between 2-14 days after your session! 

However on certain occasions, we may be able to do a same day reveal for you!  Head out for a leisurely lunch ( about 90 minutes)  and reflect on the amazing badass you just proved you are! 

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