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Nothing could stop was just the beginning!

Updated: Mar 1

Throwback to August of 2020 when I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a boudoir photographer. That week a friend commented on my page and told me to check out Erika. So, I sent her a Facebook message asking her if she had done this type of photography. She reached back out and stated she had not done one in a while but it was something the wanted to do more of. That right there is where this literal life changing experience began.

That week Erika and I had scheduled a time to talk on the phone so she could get a feel for what kind of look and environment I was going for. I spoke on the phone with her and one of the things she asked me is “What made you decide to do a shoot like this?” Without a second thought, I just began unraveling like a ball of string. At this point in my life, I had just gotten out of a very toxic and controlling relationship. It was bad.

This was the type of “relationship” where if I dressed sexy or wore makeup or had my nails done, "I was showing off". I completely lost myself at that point and was beyond ready to find myself and get that spark back.

This wasn’t a shoot to show off me or my body (although I did because... WOW), this was a shoot to find that beautiful bad ass that I was and am. This shoot was for ME!

Over the next week or two I kept in contact with Erika, sending her ideas that I would come across that I wanted. I so wanted to do an outdoor shoot in the water. This queen would wake up and send me pictures at like 6:00am of places outdoors so I could see what the lighting would be like. (So much dedication).

Later that week we had set up a day and time. I was up early that morning doing my hair and makeup (this was prior to her having a regular makeup artist for all of her sessions) and then headed out to our location with my best friend. I got to the location and of course was nervous. I got out of my car to officially meet with Erika and let me tell you, the nerves went away instantly. Erika literally walked me through everything, from how to point my toes, to that famous line that, if you’ve booked and shot with Erika before you know, “Chin up, lashes down, open your lips just a tich.” Erika even went as far as getting on the ground outside to show me what type of pose she was talking about. She made me feel so comfortable and safe. I left that shoot feeling like nothing could stop me, and I made it a point that was just the beginning, I was back!

The feeling you get from being behind that camera isn’t even something I can put into words other than EMPOWERING. I knew from that moment I made the best choice possible with such an amazing human. Within a week or so I was at work and had received an email and a text message saying that my photos were ready to view. HOLY SH!T, it was time! I remember sitting at work opening up the email and looking at my pictures and literally crying at how perfect they were, and it was ME! I would catch myself just going on my phone to look at the pictures over, and over, and over again. I loved them so much. I knew I needed to do this again.

One day, I was out and I had a girl come up to me and tell me how inspiring I was to her to book her shoot. I never looked at it that way. I had people message me also and say, “Wow where did you find the confidence to do that. I could never do that. Maybe if I lose weight I could do it.” Ladies, NO! That’s where I will stop you right there. I don’t have the “perfect” body. But these pictures made me realize how beautiful my body is and all of its flaws. My stomach isn't flat, I have large hips and stretch marks too. Do this for YOU! Since this I have done even more sessions with Erika and that feeling of empowerment and being that BADASS QUEEN, that I am, gets better and better EVERYTIME.

There is no better feeling. Erika had spoken to me about wanting to make a Facebook Group and when I tell you I absolutely love this group and the ladies in it. It is such a great safe space and also soooo fun.

I have met and spoke with some amazing ladies that all have the same positivity that EVERY human needs. Wildfire Studios has grown so much, and has such an amazing space, and the client closet ---- if you know, you know. If not, you HAVE to find out. There are thousands of props/clothing and shoes to choose from for every single body type. Please ladies, if you have not booked the shoot. DO IT! It was almost 3 years ago that I had my first shoot and I think about it often and every shoot after that I still think about and look forward to more, for ME!


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