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I lost who I was and needed help.....

Updated: Feb 29

I lost who I was and needed help finding my confidence again. Back story on me I'm 38 years old. Mom of twin boys I had at 32. I'm married and work in a high stress environment as a retail cake decorator.

I was invited to the group by a friend. Wasn't expecting much as most all female groups I've been in has left a bad taste in my mouth. But....was pleasantly surprised by the empowering community. I stayed in the group for roughly a year as a fly on the wall just watching, learning, listening. Then one day I saw Elitra's pictures, and something inside me started burning with desire to have this type of beauty, compassion and power in myself. is

So I waited. I finally found the right moment and jumped on it. My session finally came to the day. As I nervously sat in front of the studio split in two. One wanting to stay because I needed this. And the other wanting to vomit and leave because I could never look like the girl in those photos.

I'm not one to put myself out there. I'm more shy and timid and I have walls miles high because my life as been a battlefield. My husband said you're not getting back in the car. You are going to do this. You need to do this so you can see, how I see you.

And I went!! I freaking did it! I went and it changed my freaking life!! I haven’t looked at myself the same way.

And you know what?? I'm more than just a mom, I'm more than just a wife, I'm more than my past, I more than one what raised me.... I'm freaking awesome!! I am a beautiful strong woman worth loving herself!

If you are on the fence please use me as an example..... no more excuses! Do it for yourself! It will change your perspective on how you feel about yourself. It wakes something inside you. It lights a flame that you never want to have burnt out. Thank you for reading if you got this far.


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