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Updated: Feb 29

Empowerment Sessions versus Boudoir Sessions ……

So whether you are curious about doing a session or have already booked one this is a great topic….

What is the difference between what I like to call an Empowerment Session and a Boudoir Session?

Empowerment and Boudoir are both geared towards taking intimate portraits of you, or it can be of a couple or thruple or whatever floats your boat honestly. This space is a safe space, and there is no room for judgement here. It is about capturing you in the here and now. It is about embracing a side of you that you can choose to share with the world, or keep just for you, or you and your partner(s).

Boudoir is a French term, that refers to a woman’s private sitting area or bedroom. One definition states "it is a space for sulking in, or for one to put away or withdraw to". Damn, that sounds kind of depressing, doesn’t it?

Boudoir photography on the other hand is termed as "a style that features intimate, sensual, romantic and sometimes erotic images of its subjects". That sounds more like it!

The term empowerment is defined as "giving power or authority to someone". It is about the process of helping someone feel and be stronger, more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and their rights.

So where does that leave things? Can boudoir and empowerment go hand in hand? Fuck yes! Do they always? Nope!

For one person, an empowerment session may mean putting on their most amazing suit and feeling badass while we capture them! It still comes with all of the hype…because let me tell you how much I love hyping you up! EVERYDAY!!!

Empowerment can also mean sexy lingerie, or leather and chains. It can also be you embracing being free and loving yourself in just your own skin. At the end of the day, it was ever makes you feel confident, beautiful and badass! Boudoir on the other hand definitely lends more to lingerie, leather and chains, or you loving the skin your in!

So besides the idea of the suit, what is the big difference?

Personally, I feel it’s all about where your head is! Coming in and doing this session as a gift for someone, not for you, is I feel lacking that empowerment that I hope every person who visits our studio feels.(Full disclosure....I am going to hype you and empower you even if that wasn't your goal!!!) You are cultivating a gift of yourself, vulnerable and exposed for someone else. That is beautiful. I can’t imagine a more amazing gift to give someone than your vulnerable self. I hope they treasure you and the gift you are giving them for ALL that YOU are worth, because you deserve it!

Coming in and doing this session for YOU? That is empowerment!!!! Building yourself up and owning every inch of you. Holding onto that confidence and knowing your worth! You deserve this! Some people come in as an opportunity to own the skin they are in. To remind themselves when they are 80, that yes they owned this beautiful body! Sometimes it is to celebrate a personal journey! Some people come to me for this session after a break-up, or maybe personal trauma. Personal trauma can come in many forms. I am here for you to help you take back yourself! If you want to share, I am here. A lot of persons share what has brought them to me, from divorce to abuse and sexual trauma. I am here to listen, and to help you reclaim yourself. Sometimes it gets deep, it is up to you. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we just sit quietly and give space and time, sometimes we hug. And if you aren’t wanting to share? That is perfectly ok too. Because it is about what ever you need. I will hype you up and capture your badass self and show you what an amazing person you are!

Can an experience be both boudoir and empowerment? Absofuckinlutely! Your experience is yours. No one else’s.

Each session is unique. But each session is amazing. I am ready whenever you are!!!

Are you ready to begin your journey?

Click the button below to schedule your consultation, let’s do this!

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