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Empowered Women Empower Women

Updated: Feb 29

Being a boudoir photographer, the basis of what I do is to help women SEE and empower themselves.

These women, often share their stories with me. I find it to be a privilege, to feel that in the space I have created for them, they can feel vulnerable ad know they are safe. To know that their story and the emotions that. They bring, whether laughter, anger, joy or sadness, have a place here. Know that, she can leave behind the baggage, set it at the door and rise up to embrace a new journey. One that sheds "the skin" of her past, and allows her to begin a new chapter. A chapter about self-love, because that is what this experience is about. It is about loving yourself, and seeing yourself, not comparing yourself to all the bodies social media shows us.

You see, that woman who walked into my studio?

She is a person. She has a story. She isn't a professional model. She is a mom, a daughter, a wife, and ex-wife. She may never have been married and is still searching for a partner or maybe she lives her best single life. She is your child's teacher, a pharmacy tech, a nurse, a stay-at-home-mom.

That woman has things she loves about herself and things she is still learning to love. She has insecurities.

She has a story. Her story has built her into the woman she is standing before me. It might be filled with marriage, or divorce, childbirth, or infertility. It may be darker, and have memories of trauma, abuse, PTSD, self-harm. It may be a story filled without choices…or maybe, just some really difficult ones. Ones she hopes no one else ever has to make.

She is a warrior, a queen, a person of worth. She is trying to rediscover herself, start a new chapter, or maybe just be able to look back in 20-30-40 years and acknowledge that, in fact, YES, she was and is beautiful and deserving of self-love. Maybe that journey began before today, and she is celebrating how far she has come. Or maybe this is the first step...maybe she is hoping this will be the moment where she finally sees herself.

See that her beauty, her strength, her sexuality has the freedom to be and to become.

That woman, she represents you and your story too. No, your stories may not be the same. But we are all on a journey, of figuring out who we actually are. Sometimes we a get a little lost on that journey and need to find our way back home, back to ourselves. You are not a summation of the titles you hold. Let go of them. Rediscover who YOU are. We are all more than the accumulations of other people perceptions of us, or what society says we should be.

So, I hope you got to the end here....I hope you allow yourself some space to sit with this. To think about your own journey, and ask yourself what you want the next chapter to look like. I hope whatever it is, it is a beautiful one for you.

Lastly, when you see a post of a past client in our Facebook VIP group, on our Instagram feed, or our public Facebook page, I invite you to see yourself, in her. I invite you and ask you to leave positive comments. I guarantee, she is watching. She is hoping, you will leave her some words of encouragement, positivity, love and help her to continue to empower her. While your comments do not determine her beauty, her strength or her worth...they definitely throw some confidence to that woman. The woman who walked into my studio, who allowed herself to be vulnerable an embrace her own self.

Happy Women's History Month to all of you amazing women!!!

Ready to take the journey and experience a boudoir session with Wildfire Studios for yourself?

If you would like to join our Facebook Vip group for is an amazing environment full of women from all walks of life, supporting one another...come join our tribe! Click below to join! Also follow us on our public Facebook page and Instagram, for more of our work and your daily dose of positivity!

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