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Welcome! You are officially part of our past client crew! We are so excited to have had the opportunity to work with you! I hope we get to work together in the future again! Repeat clients are deftly some of our favorite sessions because knowing the ropes, you have a whole different perspective coming in! 


Did you leave a review?


We always ask every client if they mind filling out a review. Why? Because as a small business owner, it takes A LOT for Google to recognize that you are a REAL business! Google reviews help us to be vetted and therefore shown to other potential clients and grow this baby of ours! So we ask you to help us to continue this process by leaving us a review! It also helps other potential clients hear from YOU and how your experience with us was! 


You should have received a referral guide after your session! If by chance it went to your spam and you didn't receive it, let me update you on all of the perks you can take advantage of to earn a discounted or even FREE session and products in the future!!! We give past clients a list of optional items to complete that will give them "BOUDIE BUCKS"!! 

What are "BOUDIE BUCKS"?

BOUDIE BUCKS are essentially a way to help past clients earn "money" towards another session! They have zero cash value but can be redeemed toward any future solo or couples session! You can even combine them with a sale if you plan it right! Overall we love spoiling our past clients, and this is a way for us to tell you how much we appreciate you! Also, because we LOVE LOVE LOVE working with past clients! Some of our clients have been to us more than SIX times and every session is different! We get excited by the planning and all of the fun things we get to do... and we know you will too!

SOOOOO... How do you earn "BOUDIE BUCKS"?

LOT'S OF WAYS...........LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!!!!!!!

1.Take a "Reaction Video" of your significant other, your best friend, your mom...whoever you want to share your products with! Then send it to us at 216-677-1869. Each person you do a reaction video of, you will receive a $50 credit! (authentic first time reactions please...) !!

2.Post 1 (or more) of your images on your social media and give us a shoutout! Tag on IG: on FB: Wildfire Studios +$50 Credit

3.When you receive your products, post a video testimonial about your experience in our Facebook Group and show off your goods!! Must be at least 1 minute long. DO NOT SHOW NIPPLES! +$50 Credit

4.Post a written testimonial in our Facebook Group! You can do this before you receive your products. Tell everyone how you felt! +$25 Credit

5.Invite your girlfriends to our Facebook Group! For every 25 friends you add, we will give you $10 in referral credit. Limit $100 Credit

6.Leave us a Facebook VIP review video! This can be done while right after your session or a later date! People love seeing and hearing from our clients rather than us!!! $50 credit

7. Leave us a review on our public Facebook Page! Need the link? We got that for ya right here:

$25 credit

Want to know other details on how you can earn MORE Boudie Bucks, discounted products, event tickets...etc?

Well we did a thing... and since you are part of the "club".. you can join!! Click below to join our ALL NEW "PAST CLIENTS FACEBOOK GROUP"!!
This group is NOT like our "regular VIP" group. What is different?
​This group is ONLY for past clients! 
-This group will not have daily posts or anything that is similar to our regular group!
-This group WILL have first access to any sales, events, tickets, etc. that are running. 
- This group will also be where we post other ways EVERYONE can earn MORE BOUDIE BUCKS...other than those listed above! 

Last thing y'all..... we will begin this year a new giveaway ONLY FOR PAST CLIENTS...... for each of you that decides to participate in a minimum of 4 out of 7 of the ways to earn BOUDIE BUCKS ..... AND has left us a Google review.... we will be adding you to an end of year drawing for a GIVEAWAY... for a
and YES.. you can start working towards the next Collection with those BOUDIE BUCKS! 

If you have completed ALL SEVEN of the ways to earn BOUDIE BUCKS you will automatically be upgraded to our:
Two runner ups will be chosen to receive an additional $500 in BOUDIE BUCKS to their account!



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