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How often have you looked in the mirror and grabbed some of your skin, staring at the reflection you see with anything less than appreciation? I bet you have. I know I have. The truth is we often don't appreciate our bodies and the amazing and beautiful journeys they take us on. The lines, cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles tell about each of our own stories. Every single story is unique, just like you are. We want to help you tell that story....

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Embracing The Skin You're In

It's not always easy to love and embrace ourselves. Especially with the overwhelming number of filters on social media turning each of us into someone else. But today, we ask you to shed the filters, the makeup, and even your clothes and step into a new era of seeing beauty in the skin you're in. 

This Project

Is part of a much larger project I will be working on throughout the year. It is a personal creative project, and I am thankful to each and every human who chooses to participate.. I hope you choose to join us on this adventure!

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Join Me

This is about embracing the skin you're in. Embracing the fierce human in the mirror. We are working on fine art nudes, without hair and makeup, without lingerie, without distraction. It is capturing perfect imperfections that makeup YOU.


We want to embrace US.

This will part of a special series for a gallery event we will be hosting later this year.

  • APRIL:

  • Mother's Day ..Celebrating the beautiful bodies that are with child, and have carried children. 

  • MAY:

  • Fathers Day....Celebrating the beautiful bodies of the men who have given themselves to fatherhood.

  • Pride Month...Celebrating beautiful  bodies that have made the decision to live a life that tells who they are.


  • ALL BODIES ARE WELCOME!!! Celebrate you! This is for anyone and everyone 18+

  • Gallery Event TBA between November and December 2023

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