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Black Friday SALE!!


LUCKY YOU!!! You have either been a previous client of ours or you were on our email list get EARLY ACCESS to our sale AND a special bonus set!!!! Whether you've been thinking about doing a boudoir session for a while or this is something completely new to you, I am SOOO excited to be the one to tell you about this opportunity and I hope I get the chance to pamper you and make you feel like the sexy, confident woman you are!


Black Friday Sale Details!


ONLY $275

What is Included?

You will receive EVERYTHING included in our regular session fee!!

  • Pre-Session Consultation to plan your perfect experience!

  • Access to our Client Wardrobe with over 900 pieces size XS-6X) and alway growing!

  • Posing guidance (nope you don't have to know how to do anything before you come in!)

  • Professional Hair and Makeup 

  • 90 minute session

  • Professional retouching of all of your final images!

  • Image reveal appointment to see alllll of your AMAZING images

Additional included items for this sale:

  • One extra outfit 

  • 30 min extra time for your session  (total 120 min)

  • Choose one of 3 Special Order Products FREE (these are not typically products we offer to 

    clients! )
  • $275 Session Fee (Normally $550)

  • 10% off any Collection*


Plus: Wait to start your payment plan until 01/01/2023!

This gives you time too shop for everyone else on your list and to not have to leave yourself until last this year!!

Don't Wait!!

Only 10 spaces available for our Black Friday Sale !!

*10% discount not applicable on additional product purchase or upgrades after session


Click below to book your FREE phone consultation and purchase your pre-sale spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any products or photos included?

The session fee includes everything listed above. However, all products, digital files and extras are purchased separately. 

What do you most people purchase?

Our most popular Collection includes a hand-made custom heirloom album with your choice of materials, some AMAZING metal wall art, and the full digital collection! However, we have plenty of options to fit whatever your product needs may be!

How much is due at the time of booking?

There is a non-refundable $199 fee due at time of booking for your session fee. You will have a week to go over the investment menu and select what Collection you would like to set up a pre-payment plan or pay in full for your collection.

Since the collection has to be paid off before the session, how far out can my session be?


Black Friday Sessions can be booked as far in advance as December 31 of 2023!

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes! We require a pre-payment plan for our minimum purchase for every shoot. These plans start before your session and by the time your session gets here, everything is paid off and you don’t have to wait months after to get your photos!

What is the minimum purchase for prints and products?

Prints and products begin at $1500

I don’t have a significant other.  Should I still get a session done?


YES! The number one reason anyone does a boudoir session is for THEMSELVES. There’s always secondary reasons for giving them as a gift, but to boost your own confidence, rediscover your sexuality, and to have the experience for YOURSELF is always the top reason. 


You ARE worth it!!!


What are the SPECIAL Product Bonuses?

Choose from one of the following:

-personalized car air freshener with one of your images on it!

-personalized deck of playing cards with one of your fav images on the back!

-your very own Wildfire Studios Tushie Tuesday T-Shirt! Upgrade it to include your favorite pic of YOUR peach!

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