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I'm Erika, a boudoir photographer in Cleveland, Ohio!

For boudoir photos, it's not only important that you love someone's style, but that you feel safe and supported from the start and throughout your experience.  

Taking the step to book a boudoir shoot can be both  exciting and nerve-racking. I definitely felt this way for my first session! Which is why I am here to walk you through the entire process! From your initial consultation,  to teaching you one-on-one you how to pose, helping you decide the perfect outfits, and calming some of those pre-shoot nerves, I've got you. Regardless of your age, shape, gender, ability, or sexual orientation you are welcome and worthy of being photographed at Wildfire Studios

Hey Babe!!

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It was something I had to do!

When I first talked on the phone with Erika she had such amazing energy and it's like I knew right there that this was something I HAD to do. There was never a moment I felt uncomfortable or awkward. She posed me from my mouth to my fingers and toes. She was like my personal hype woman ! She helped me fall in love with myself all over again! 


Transformation Time

Check out these Wildfire Babes as they go from everyday to SLAYYYYY!!!


This could be you!

Who are our clients? They are grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives. The are grandfathers, fathers and husbands and sons. In their everyday lives they may be stay-at-home moms (or dads), they may be nurses, doctors, and lawyers. They also deliver your mail, sell you cars, work at the local vape shop. They are students, working on their college degree. They are people who are part of your community. Everyday people. People you know from family and friends to work, school, or the person you passed in the gas station. You know what they all have in common? They deserve to feel empowered, beautiful and seen. Every human deserves that. We create a space that supports that for every single person who comes into our studio. 

frequently asked questions


1. How far in advance should I book my session?

At minimum 8 weeks prior to would like your products. If needing a payment plan then we advise chatting 3-6 months in advance!


2. Do I have to share my images?

Definitely not. While we love to share our work, our clients and their privacy is always first and foremost!


3. Does Wildfire 

Studios only take female clients?

Our studio is inclusive to all persons over the age of 18. This includes men, and non-binary persons. We are LGBTQ inclusive. FUN FACT: I am a queer person!  


5. Is hair and makeup provided?

For our full sessions, professional hair and makeup is included!

For our mini sessions you can opt to come hair and makeup ready or add on hair and makeup!


4. Do you provide lingerie and outfits?

Yes!! We have a client closet available with over 900 pieces from size XS-6X. There are also t-shirts, crop tops, sweater, etc. We do not currently have a male client closet but are working on this as a current project!


an empowering
for all persons

EVERYONE deserves to feel confident, to be seen the way THEY want. Whether you are doing this as a gift for someone else or just because you deserve it. The experience is for YOU. 

are worth it


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Text "READY"to 216-677-1869 to set up your FREE consultation! 


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