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Why We Wear Pink on Wednesdays....

Updated: Feb 29

Every Wednesday this month.. I have thought about this woman. She is pretty badass. She is also a breast cancer survivor.

I know a lot of women who have faced breast cancer.

This is different. My connection with her will forever be different after this day.

Every client who walks through our doors has their own story. Of where they are coming from, what has led them to our studio, a why, how and what. What they are searching for is often to feel beautiful, worthy, empowered, sexy.... to feel like a woman. Many of their stories make them and me emotional. We use that emotion as a tool to take back the things taken from them. To reclaim themselves. But.. I have to admit...this day was different.

I could just feel this sense of intense bubbling under the surface...this something screaming "let me the fuck out".. it was like a weight in the room. So I did something I have never done... I asked her to scream.

She looked at me like I had lost my mind. I deserved it.. I mean, who expects that? At a photo shoot..where you are supposed to be feeling and finding your sexy and beautiful....

She asked me if I really meant it.. I said "Yes. I want you to really scream..let all the negative shit out.. the moments that you felt you had to wear that mask, be someone for someone, deal with things you shouldn't have had to, for the moments stolen, the pieces of you taken, putting up with things none of us should have to... just let it the fuck out".


And she did.

This image makes feel shook inside every time I see it.

And she cried, and I cried. And we hugged. And the sense of bubbling was gone. It was so intense and real that it makes me tear up thinking about it.

Later when getting ready to leave, she told me " It's like this weight has been lifted from my chest".

This day will forever be in my heart. Boudoir isn't just about the booty shots or sexy af photos. It is about reclaiming yourself. Feeling empowered.

Be empowered. Choose you. Know you power.

Also, I ask you to wear pink with me on this last Wednesday in October to help raise awareness for those who have fought this battle, those who have won, those who have lost, those who are currently fighting and those whose fight is yet to come.

Thank you.

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