Did you have any obstacles or concerns about doing a boudoir session?

Yes!!! I have never been a body confidant person, and the thought of having pictures taken while I was pregnant and being bigger than I ever had was terrifying. Being closer to 40 years old than 30 with this pregnancy I was very worried about the state of my body and how I would look. Of course we all have seen demi moore's nude maternity photos but in my head I was going to look more like andre the giant pregnant than demi moore.

How did your session make you feel?

I have never in 37 years felt more beautiful, more sexy, more proud of my body than my maternity boudoir and maternity sessions.  Erika was such an amazing guide explaining things in a way I could understand and continuously making me feel comfortable and confident. I truly began to appreciate my body in a way I never had prior.  I have spent most of my life thinking how unattractive my body was, and this experience truly changed how I choose to view myself now.


Did anything surprise you?

I was surprised at how comfortable I became doing my boudoir maternity photos nude. You think that you won't want to do it, and then you feel so empowered and confidant it is an amazing feeling!  Every shot and angle that Erika took was tasteful and sexy.


Do you have any advice to others thinking about doing a boudoir session with Wildfire Studios? 

If you're wondering if you should get the photos, GET THE PHOTOS!!! I am so happy I made the investment in myself to be able to have these photos for the rest of my life to remind me how beautiful, strong and amazing I am.