Did you have any obstacles or concerns about doing a boudoir session?

Yes absolutely, I was terrified but also so very curious. I recently had a large weight loss and was conscious of my sagging skin from being overweight so long. I thought I’d look awkward and uncomfortable.


How did your session make you feel?

During and after my session I began to feel more and more like the queen 👑 I am. I felt more confident in how I look and HOW I LOOK 🔥. I got a sneak peek of one of the photos and I left walking on a catwalk. I am a gorgeous, sexy woman.


Did anything surprise you?

Yes, I couldn’t believe how just talking to Erika helped me relax. At first I was very stiff and as she talked I started believing that what her sweet encouraging words we’re saying to me! Just going through this session made me have much more confidence than I thought I could ever have.


What would your advice to others thinking about doing a boudoir session with Wildfire Studios? 

Think about how much you are worth. Your irreplaceable do something to make you feel wonderful about your body (even if it’s not “perfect”. Face it, no one thinks their body is perfect. We wish that your booty was smaller or rounder; that you have too many wrinkles; your just not good enough. It’s all bullshit! Do this one thing for you. Feel your confidence soar, pay it forward and give another a compliment. You never know it might be the only positive thing that they hear on a day from hell. Pick others up with you and be the QUEEN we all know you can be!!